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"Concept2 Indoor Rowing League"

Concept2 Indoor Rowing League is the internet based international competition and is open for the competitors from Slovakia and other countries.
During school year 2017-2018, 10th year of secondary schools indoor rowing league takes place.

The aim and goal of this popular competition is to develop unusual sport disciplines at schools and other institutions and attract students and adults to sport in an attractive and creative form that promotes competition and increases interest in sport.

The participants compete in various categories on Concept2 indoor rowers which are currently being used in hundreds of races in more than 120 countries around the world.

By training and competing on the indoor rowers, the competitors exercise 80% of body muscle groups , improve their fitness level and shape their figure.

Competitors registration, instructions and the whole course of the league is very simple. In the menu tabs you will find all the necessary instructions along with the answers to your possible questions.

Finally, we would just like to add: do not hesitate and start rowing!